The Rising Star: Pooja Tomar

My dream is to touch the high rising Bollywood fame. It was difficult to choose my career in acting & modeling industry. From Childhood I like listening music, watching movies and dancing. There is a saying “Manzil Hume Choose Karti Hai, Hum Manzil ko Nahi”. This happens with me always. From the first day of my career I wanted to be a part of Glamour & Entertainment industry. At first I tried to make my career in aviation industry. Because of which I could not achieve my aim. Commercial TV advertisements encouraged me to choose this Industry. Its a long story to define myself, you may better understand while choosing career in entertainment industry. Currently I am a professional & commercial model. I want to be established as a good actress with my works & efforts.

What are your hobbies?

I like travelling, dancing and sports. Exploring various places excites me very much.

Who is your favourite actress and actor?

My favourite actor is Salman Khan and favourite actress is Divya Bharti. I have enjoyed most of childhood watching anidolising them both. Jacqueline Fernandes is a diva and inspires me with her style.

What is your favourite food?

I am pure vegetarian and i like vegetarian food. Tasting food of different cultures is one of the best part.

What is your favourite destination?

I like only India because of its wide variety of cultures.

What is your favourite colour?

White and black are my favourite. Though i like every colour.

Who was your first crush?

Emraan Hashmi was my first crush. I used to drool over him.

Do you have someone special in your life?

Not yet (laughs). I have many good friends but i am focusing only on my career and i am taking baby step towards it.

With whom you want to go for vacation?

Obviously Salman Khan for he being my favourite and my idol. Spending time with him would also help me learn more about the industry.

Which costume do you like to wear the most?

Well, it depends on the occassion and i love to wear ethnic. It’s simply comfortable and my all time favourite. Western is also a choice at some point of time.

How do you describe life?

Yeah life is very beautiful, every person has a good story or bad story, and i feel that we need to face every situation in life. And I like to understand people, I want to help people with whatever I can do.

Who is your inspiration?

My mom is my inspiration. She advices me in every situation. Whenever i am in trouble, i can easily share with her and she never fails to give the best solution.

What are your favourite films?

Mohabbatein, Dirty Picture, National Treasure 1, The Battleship, A Long Run and The hills have eyes. I can watch them endless time.

Tell us about your family?

I have three sibling and most of my family members are working in a government sector.

How do you workout?

I workout 5 days a week. My favourite workout exercises are Cardio, Weight Liftig, Boxing and Cycling.

What are the upcoming projects you are working?

I am currently doing an upcoming Telegu film directed by Mr. Shirinivas. I will also be featured in one Hindi Music video very soon.

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