How Motorcycle Riding is Good for your Health

For people who love riding motorbikes, they don’t need people telling them or advising them about all the reasons for buying them.

The following are some of the reasons which can convince you quite well that buying a motorcycle is definitely more than fulfilling your desire or getting what you want:


When it comes to affordability, a decent motorcycle costs less than a decent car. This makes it affordable for people who don’t want to go for expensive automobiles. For students and middle class brackets, this option is surely worth it.

Motorbikes are more Environmental Friendly

Motorbikes use less oil and produce lesser carbon emissions compared to four wheelers. Due to this, the rider can be quite satisfaction that they are not contributing to the pollution in the already toxic air and that they are enjoying cleaner air while driving a motorcycle. They are also fuel efficient and can save quite a good amount of money. You should be well aware about the possible goof ups in a typical Leh Ladakh bike trip so that you can be more alert and vigilant while driving.

Insurance Cost

The insurance cost of a motorbike is comparatively lower compared to a car. The insurance cost of a motor bike costs few hundreds of dollars while that of a car costs few thousands of dollars per year.


Finding space for parking in case of a motorbike is much simpler compared to a car. Since motorcycles occupy lesser space, they are easier to park compared to cars and other four wheelers.

Bikes look Cool

Most of the people will wholeheartedly agree that bikes look good. It is sometimes the colours, attractive bike models or even sound of the exhaust note which can create issues. People do take a look when a bike goes past!

Increases your Fitness Level>

Riding a bike increases the heart rate in the same way as jogging or running. The fact is that motorcycle riders get a good amount of workout by exercising their arms and muscles, though they spend a good amount of time seated on their motorbikes. Motorbike riders are considered to have fewer knee problems, have improved core strength, possess stronger neck muscles and high metabolic rates by being able to burn more calories.

Increase in Enjoyment

Riding a motorbike has its own charm. Taking a road trip on a motorbike enables the rider to be close to nature so that they are able to enjoy the scenery. Giving friends or family rides can be definitely double the fun while driving a motorcycle. Joining a motorcycle club will give you the golden opportunity of taking vacations with your friends and family.

Helps maintain Coordination and Balance

Motorcycle riding surely helps in developing coordination and balance. Brake/clutches are helpful for coordination of hands, brakes for your feet and learning to balance yourself at slow speeds can be done by riding a motorbike. A long and challenging journey, such as a bike trip to Leh Ladakh can help you to learn the ropes of maintaining balance and coordination on tough terrains too.

You are causing less Drain on the System

You are putting less stress on your fellow riders by riding a motorbike. Since the combined weight of yourself and the bike is less than the other rider and a four wheelerFree Reprint Articles, you are surely causing lesser stress on the road which implies that the need for repairing roads is less which is a big relief for commuters.

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